Author Guideline

  1. The accepted manuscript in Analogi: Jurnal Sosial dan Humaniora is the manuscript, which: (1) is original, not a result of plagiarism, and has novelty; (2) has never been published, or is in the process of publishing, in other media; (3) is in the field of communication studies; and (4) it must be based on research.
  2. Turnitin is used to check all accepted manuscripts with a maximum tolerance of 25% (see Publication Ethics). If the similarity is more than 25%, the manuscript will be either required to be revised or declined.
  3. The manuscript is written in Bahasa Indonesia or English using Microsoft Word, Cambria, 12 pts, spaces 1.5, margin 2.5 cm, with the page number on the bottom right.
  4. The manuscript should be 15-25 pages long (including references).
  5. Abstraction. The maximum abstraction length is 250 words, accompanied by the keywords at the end of the abstraction. Abstraction is made in English and Indonesian which contains research problems, research methodology, results, and benefits. Abstraction is not mathematical. Keywords minimum 3 Words.
  6. For the promptness of the publication process, it is recommended that all manuscripts in English has been proofread before being submitted or uploaded to the system. The certificate/proof of proofreading can be sent to the editor via email at
  7. The manuscript must be submitted online via
  8. The author must register as an Author in OJS ANALOGI to submit the manuscript.
  9. References. The bibliography is prepared using Mendeley